Understanding Internet Banking

Internet banking is a transaction activity related to banking. Transaction activities can be carried out in offices, homes or other places using the internet network.

The internet banking facility was first used by one of the banks in the World, the Security First Network Bank.

Internet banking is also sometimes known as Electronic Banking or E-Banking. In addition to these two terms, internet banking is also referred to as Virtual Banking, Cyber Banking, Online Banking and Home Banking.

The process of using it is relatively very easy, just by visiting the bank’s website to conduct banking transactions.

Transactions that can be done through internet banking also vary, starting from checking balances, transferring funds, transferring accounts, to household needs such as paying telephone bills and electricity bills.

internet banking

Register for Internet Banking

To be able to enjoy the benefits and benefits, we must first register for internet banking either through an ATM or directly through the bank concerned.

Even to register at an ATM machine, you only need to enter a debit card at the ATM machine then input the pin, open the internet banking options menu and register according to the existing guidelines.

After finishing registering, the next process is to activate internet banking through logging into the site of the bank in question, and just follow the guidelines on the site.

Until this stage, your status is still limited to checking transactions.

If you want to be able to do banking transactions, you can come to a customer service to get a token or One Time Password (OTP).

For users of tokens, the transaction process using this tool is very easy, which is to visit the bank’s website and then select the Internet banking service.

You can enter your user ID and password, select the desired menu and just follow the order as stated on the menu, including activating the token for the first time.

When you have finished the transaction, you will receive an e-mail from the bank regarding the transaction, and at the same time it will be a notification that the proof of the transaction was successful.

Benefits and Benefits of Internet Banking

The internet banking facility has various benefits for customers of a bank.

In the beginning, this facility was indeed provided by the bank with the aim of facilitating customers and banks in conducting banking transactions.

The main advantage is that we do not need to leave the house to go to the bank or ATM to make transactions, except cash withdrawals.

By using an internet network, customers can carry out various transactions. Thus, customers benefit in terms of time and costs.

In this case, especially for customers who always conduct banking transactions in business.

Customers can also make transactions quickly anywhere and anytime as long as there is an internet network.

In addition to bringing benefits to customers, internet banking also provides benefits to the banks that operate it.

By operating these facilities, banks are helped in terms of reducing operational costs.

Another advantage for banks, with this facility will lead new customers who really need this facility.

Customers can do several banking transactions through the internet banking facility. Here are the benefits of using internet banking for customers.

#1 Make a Non-Cash Money Transfer

By using internet banking, we as customers do not have to bother going to an ATM or bank to make money transfers.

Customers simply log into the site of the bank concerned, enter the destination account and the nominal rupiah or dollar to be transferred, then in minutes or even seconds, the money will quickly move to the destination account.

#2 Check Balance and Account Mutation

If you want to see your account balance, you don’t need to go to the nearest ATM anymore, just by using the facilities in internet banking, then customers can check your balance anytime anywhere with a laptop, tablet or other gadget, plus an internet connection.

Even on internet banking, customers can view financial transaction data (account mutations) in the last few days, weeks or months.

#3 Paying Monthly Bills

With internet banking, now monthly bill payments such as electricity, telephone, water bills, tuition fees, TV subscription, and even tax can be done without having to come to the place of payment as usual.

Of course the place of payment must be registered and connected with the bank.

This monthly payment can be set according to your needs and requirements, so that at the maturity date the payment will automatically debit your balance.

#4 Recharge Electric Credit

You can also buy electric pulses for cellphones, modems, or electricity easily with internet banking services.

The purchase of electric pulses has also been supported by most cellular operators in Indonesia.

You no longer need to bother coming to the outlet or to the credit shop again to recharge the electric pulses. The price is relatively cheaper.

Usually a minimum purchase is IDR 25,000 for electric pulses.

#5 e-Commerce Payments

If you are interested in buying airplane tickets, hotels, electronic goods, books, accessories, clothes, games, and other payments, you can make payments using internet banking.

Payments can be made to e-commerce parties that have collaborated with the bank. The list can be seen in your account.

If you usually buy airplane tickets at the airport, or the nearest travel agent, then of course with internet banking this will be much easier.

#6 Credit Card Information

Credit card billing information, balance information, transaction data and other information can also be seen on internet banking.

Credit cards here are of course credit cards issued by the bank. You can ask your bank customer service for more details.

#7 View Exchange Rate Information

You can see the value of buying and selling currencies or exchange rates on the internet banking official website at your bank, the exchange rate information that is presented is always up to date, so you can see the currency currency rising against Rupiah like:

American Dollar (USD)
Singapore Dollar (SGD)
Australian Dollar (AUD)
Euro (EUR)
Japanese Yen (JPY)
Hong Kong Dollar (HKD)
and other currencies

#8 Knowing the Bank Program

The bank always informs its customers if there are new program programs, such as investments, loan installments, deposits, and other programs.

You can find out this through the official website or your bank’s internet banking site.

Weaknesses of Internet Banking

In addition to the various advantages above, internet banking also has weaknesses.

These weaknesses can be found if you as a customer are less alert, or have a busy life that requires moving from one place to another quickly.

# 1 There is Cyber ​​Crime by Hackers

The main disadvantage of internet banking is especially if customers are less vigilant. Customers and banks need to be vigilant about the risk of theft of customer data by hackers who can infiltrate the security system.

Hackers can drain customers’ money in various ways. Data theft can be through skimming techniques or through fraud mode with various kinds of offers that outwit customers.

Therefore, customers must comply with all procedures for using internet banking so that the security of funds is more secure, while the bank also needs to be diligent in monitoring the banking transactions of its customers.

If the customer’s internet access is cheap and smooth, it is recommended to use internet banking to save costs.

However, computer devices or gadgets must be embedded with antivirus and antimalware to avoid cracking.

And the important thing is, avoid using it in public services such as internet cafes or free wifi because it is prone to acts of tapping customer data.

#2 Discomfort for Customers with High Mobility

For some regions not everyone has a good computer, laptop and internet connection. In addition, internet banking is also considered impractical for people who have fast moving activities.

At present, all internet access can be accessed easily with smartphones or gadgets.

But still, for users with high mobility, feature adjustments are needed in accessing internet banking via a smartphone.

What is clear, of course, will not be as comfortable when using a laptop or computer.

Tips for Using Internet Banking

Internet banking does provide us with many conveniences through the internet.

But on the other hand, as we know it does not close the possibility of cybercrime actions that harm customers from irresponsible individuals.

One of these cyber crimes is a crime committed by hackers.

If you are not careful in using this internet banking, then your account can be broken into by internet perpetrators.

This one bank facility does facilitate our business, but use it wisely and carefully.

To avoid things that are detrimental, it is better to pay attention to some tips in maintaining the security of your transactions.

Here are a few tips for maintaining security in transacting via internet banking:

Make sure you visit your bank’s official website during banking transactions. Do not be fooled by fake site on behalf of the bank.
Never occasionally inform your internet banking username and PIN or Password, change your PIN regularly.
Delete recording history on the computer after making a banking transaction, especially if you access it through public computers such as internet cafes, offices, wifi, and others.
Do not occasionally lend or transfer or notify an access Token PIN to any party. This is to avoid irresponsible use. This PIN Token should be used only during transfers, payments and purchases.
Make sure the computer or gadget you use to access the internet banking is free from Viruses / Worms, Trojans, Spyware, Malware, or Bots (robots).
Immediately report to the bank if you find anything wrong with your account.

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