Procedure for Easy Vehicle Insurance Claims during Natural Disasters

Do you have insurance? How do you claim insurance when a natural disaster comes?

For those of you who already have insurance and want to know the easy procedure for vehicle insurance claims during natural disasters. Find out the interesting info here!

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The Importance of Having Insurance in Canada

You must have heard the news about natural disasters everywhere and you must have understood that we live in a country that is prone to natural disasters.

Apart from Indonesia being in the ring of fire where earthquakes, mountains erupted, tsunamis were a threat that could come at any time.

Do not forget also with floods and landslides that could threaten you when the rainy season comes.

These disasters cannot be predicted when and where they will occur. With the threat of this natural disaster, people should start thinking about having insurance.

Insurance that can be owned also varies. One common insurance is full life insurance which is recommended to divert the risk if something unexpected happens.

Indeed if by disaster or earthquake, life insurance is not directly related to natural disasters.

But it would be nice, if the community has protection, if something happens already has personal accident insurance.

With this life insurance, the policy holders can be protected and get the sum assured if they have an accident. This accident is also included when saving yourself from an earthquake.
Actually for earthquakes that must be protected are assets such as houses and vehicles, there are already products.

But to protect yourself, can life insurance with full protection.

The following are insurance that are recommended to be owned while living in a country close to the threat of disaster.

The recommended insurance certainly has a purpose to minimize losses arising from natural disasters.

Insurance that is important to have when a natural disaster occurs is:

# 1 Vehicle Insurance

If you have a vehicle, you must consider the vehicle as an asset in your life. Not infrequently also, these vehicles are often victims of the earthquake disaster.

Starting from collisions that occurred due to shocks, hit by the ruins of the building, to fall into steep places such as ravines and the sea.

Therefore, insuring a vehicle is one of the right steps to anticipate potential losses due to a disaster.

Also make sure the insurance of the vehicle you are using includes these benefits. In fact, not only vehicles that can be protected by this vehicle insurance.

Passenger vehicles who experience disaster due to disasters can also get protection.

If during a disaster a passenger is in a vehicle. So, besides assets, you can protect yourself from the risk of natural disasters that might occur.

# 2 Travel Insurance

In the case of an earthquake in Lombok, it is one of the major tourist destinations, of course many tourists are there when the earthquake occurs.

If something like this happens, travel insurance is the most important thing that can be used to minimize losses.

The reason why travel insurance can help minimize losses is as follows:

If the aircraft you are riding in is experiencing delay, this most often appears as a result of natural disasters. Travel insurance can provide compensation for all losses incurred due to flight delays from the airlines we use.
Accidents during travel, both due to transportation accidents and natural disasters.

# 3 Property Insurance

Natural disasters such as earthquakes, fires or floods can certainly bring losses to property that you own such as a house or shop.

Protecting the property assets that we have with insurance is one of the right steps to minimize losses due to unexpected disasters.

What’s more, besides the risk of natural disasters, this property insurance can also protect property that we have from robbery or laziness when we leave home because of traveling for a long time, such as vacation or going home.

Easy Procedure for Claiming Vehicle Insurance when Natural Disasters Occur

Of the three insurance described above, most people have vehicle insurance compared to property insurance.

For you vehicle owners who have a vehicle insurance policy with an extension of natural disaster protection, of course you do not need to worry about the condition of your vehicle at this time.

Vehicle damage will be borne by the insurance in the midst of natural disasters.

The first step after all conditions are safe, report to the call center. Next will be assisted, because the claims are easier due to the disaster.

Other ways too, you can through the application that is available. Through the application, the process of submitting a claim can be simplified or come to the nearest branch.

After submitting a claim to the nearest branch, then it will be given a report sheet that needs to be filled out. If through the application, there is E-SPK for the execution of the task.

Do not forget to also bring supporting documents such as KTP, STNK and vehicle policy and will then be picked up and taken to the workshop.

You also have to remember, the insurance policy that you have must include protection from natural disasters, usually including expansion or additions.

Total lost only (TLO) or comprehensive insurance covers only minor damage and loss, not including protecting from the impact of natural disasters.

Make sure that the vehicle insurance you have includes natural disaster protection. Do not let you choose insurance that does not suit your needs.

If you are still confused which insurance should you take for your protection. You can ask my financial planner. You can download my Financial application below.

Know Your Needs, Protect Yourself

Before you decide to take an insurance product, it’s good to know your needs. Do you need life insurance or vehicle insurance.

Do not let you buy the wrong product. By buying insurance, you not only protect yourself but protect your beloved family.

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