History and Development of Internet

Do you know what the Internet is? What is an Internet Network? How does the Internet work? Maybe some people have thought and the above questions come to mind when you are in front of a computer with internet connection. I too am so. Then to what extent has the internet developed in the world?


History of the Internet

Internet stands for Interconnection-networking. Explanation in general is a global system of all computer networks that are interconnected with each other using the standard Internet Protocol Suite (Transmission Control Protocol / Internet Protocol) to be able to serve billions more users throughout the universe. The US Department of Defense in 1969 managed to build a computer network called the Internet with an ARPA project called the Advanced Research Project Agency Network or abbreviated as ARPANET. With a telephone line and hardware media and software that has UNIX platforms, we can communicate within an unlimited distance radius.

The internet project was originally only for the US Department of Defense. At that time the military made a scattered computer network system by connecting several computers in important areas to prevent problems when an attack occurred and to avoid the occurrence of centralized information. At first the ARPANET only connected four sites, namely the Stanford Research Institute, the University of California, Santa Barbara, and the University of Utah, where they formed an integrated network in 1969. And in October 1972, the ARPANET was generally introduced.

Some time later, it turned out that this project had received support and was growing rapidly throughout the country. Because of the many universities that want to join the United States, the ARPANET is divided into 2, namely MILNET and the small ARPANET. MILNET is specifically for military users, and ARPANET is used for non-military users, such as university schools that will join. This combination of MILNET and ARPANET is finally known as DARPA Internet, which is then called the Internet to make it easier to remember.

Development of the Internet

In its development which was limited to the United States, the Internet can now be used throughout the world. In the use of the Internet, there are several Internet protocols used, among others, TCF, DNS, IP, SSL, FTP, Telnet, HTTPS, SSH, HTTP, POP3, UDP, IMAP, and SMTP. Some popular Internet services that use these protocols are email (e-mail) or commonly called e-mail, Newsgroups, Usenet, File Sharing, IRC, WWW, and so on.

Some of the ones mentioned above, the most commonly used are e-mail and WWW. Apart from the ones mentioned above, the Internet can be used to connect between two or more users through instant messaging applications such as YM, MSN, Camfrog, Facebook, Twitter, and Pidgin or some similar application that is currently growing rapidly.

The internet indirectly has a big influence on the development of science and worldview. Now by only using the Internet and accessing Google, users can get various kinds of information that are very complete when compared to searching for information in library books.

What do you think about the Internet after knowing the history and development of the Internet?

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